The Best Christmas Story.

A few months ago I was approached by Penwizard to write a review on their personalised books.  I thought they were referring to their potty training books so I asked them to leave me on the mailing list until Ollie was a bit older.  Well, they sent me a reminder and told me I could choose any book on their site to review.

I did not realise how many books they had on offer.  I was very happy to see one of my favourite stories and in my opinion, the best christmas story… The Snowman and The Snowdog.

I have to watch the 80s Snowman and the more modern Snowdog every single Christmas.  I usually watch them on Christmas Eve and this will be something I share with Ollie.  I was very impressed because I was expecting to have to put in a name for my child but it’s even better than that, you can pick their hair colour and hair style to make it look like them!  My boy has blonde hair like Ollie, he is older than Ollie but that’s fine because when Ollie is old enough to really love it he will see that it’s like him!

It is a lovely well made book!  I have the hardback and it is excellent quality.  It really does appeal to my inner child!  Even now as an almost 30 year old I have a little tear in my eye as I read it.


Too sad!

Shipping was really fast, considering these are custom printed I was surprised how quickly it arrived.  It is large book so it’s really good for younger kids as the pictures are really bright and the font is large and bold so they can read along.

My only criticism is that there is a maximum of 12 characters for the surname and Ollie has a double barrel surname!  My surname is four letters and Dave’s is eight so it’s 12 characters but needs a hyphen.  The name does fit without it but it looks odd to me!  I did capitalise the second surname when I ordered but it was lowercase in print, I guess it makes sense really, most people don’t have a random capital in the middle!

I think the are very reasonably priced the books range from £14.99 – £24.99 which is a great price for a book that your child will really connect with due to the personalisation not only in the name and and how the child looks but there are so many characters to choose from that your child will love.  Peppa, Ben and Holly, Elsa and more.

These would make wonderful Christmas presents for a special little child and from a mothers point of view, I love getting books as gifts for Ollie.  They grow out of toys so fast and end up with loads at Christmas. For the same price as a mediocre toy you could get a wonderful, special book that will sit on their shelf for years to come!  Check out the Christmas collection here!

Oh and I was out shopping and couldn’t resist buying this little guy to make my book come alive when I read it to Ollie!  Now he really will be in the story.

That would be an amazing package deal if Penwizard offered the toy with the book too!

Thank you to Penwizard for inviting me to review one of their wonderful books, I highly recommend ordering from them.


Chilling With Lucas
  • Chilling with Lucas

    Great review, it looks like a wonderful book and I agree with giving books as presents. I think it is so important to get children reading as soon as possible and this is certainly a special one to keep for years to come. Thanks for linking up #ChristmasLinky x

  • Leighanne Modeste

    I’m doing the Christmas Book advent calendar for Darcy this year. Must add this book to the list, love that it comes with the cuddly toy as well #ChristmasLinky