The Best Midwife. 

I had my last appointment (for now) with my midwife today. I was sad when I had my last appointment with her for Ollie. I sent her a card and flowers after because she was so nice.

When I got my letter through from her for my pregnancy with little Stevie I was so glad I had her again. I just trust my own judgement when I meet people and I know if I like someone within about 5 seconds of meeting them. 

I liked her from day one and I was right, she is the best midwife. I just trusted her right from the start. When I was pregnant with Ollie I went her a routine appointment and she sent me for a scan because my bump hadn’t grown. I remember feeling like I should be worried but I just trusted that she knew how to deal with any potential problems. Obviously he was all perfect!


And remember when I wrote about Old Wives Tales? She was right about me having a girl so my theory about trusting midwives instincts fits for me!

In all fairness most of the midwives I’ve met have been really good. The one that delivered baby Stevie was really helpful and understanding! I think I’ve met almost every midwife at my hospital with all my dramas over the past year or so!

There have been two that were really bad. One stabbed me with clexane (you’re meant to pinch a bit of fat and inject it not just go for it!) and she was really rude and nasty about me taking Ollie out the blanket to breast feed him!

Then when I was pregnant with Ollie my I had to see a different midwife for one of my appointments and she basically said I won’t be able to cope with labour because I hate smear tests or swabs! Ha if only she knew my story now. She did also recommend herbal bullshit therapies so I don’t think me and her were on the same level at all.

I’ve just been thinking about what a difference it makes when you have nice people looking after you. I’ve heard some horrible stories about heartless staff and it’s a shame because they’re the ones we usually remember. I can still picture the nasty doctor that said he needed the beds and wanted to put me on the ward when I was almost dying from my infection. And just the other day I was talking about the horrible little midwife assistant that seemed genuinely pissed off with me for creating a puddle of blood in the bed after my first miscarriage. Oh yes, what an inconvenience for you! 

So I think it’s good to write about positive people that are good representatives for the NHS. I won’t mention her name because I haven’t asked if I can write about her! But my midwife has been wonderful to me during my pregnancies and I am genuinely grateful that she’s looked after me. I hope she looks after me next time because it is so reassuring to have somebody that knows what they’re doing but also seems to genuinely care.

Everyone can always tell a bad story about NHS treatment, I’ve got a few of my own but they’re not all bad.  Most of the staff are doing their job because they love it and they want to help people.  Don’t let the few exceptions and the tabloid horror stories tar everybody with the same brush.  I think we’re actually quite fortunate to have the level of care that is available to us in this country.

How was your care during pregnancy?  Did you love your midwife or were you glad to see the back of her?


  • The Ridiculous Mrs H

    I love this. I was lucky enough to have some amazing midwives, that went above and beyond for me. With my last pregnancy, which was a nightmare, we also unfortunately had to be treated by a lot of doctors, and they were amazing. They really made a very worrying time a whole lot better. I think its important to let people know when they’ve done a good job, so often these days you only hear from people when they want to complain. it seems the NHS takes a particular hammering these days. lovely Read,
    Jodie, @ridiculousmrsh #bestandworst

  • Helen

    Great post….as a Nurse I always love to hear good things about the NHS and staff, we focus alot on the bad stuff and not enough on the good. My midwifery care has always been fantastic and the care I received at the West Suffolk Hospital where I had my 2 has been brilliant. It definitley makes a huge difference feeling looked after! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst see you again Jo! x