The Evolution of Momma Boss.

I have wanted to write about this subject for a while now but it seems very poignant to be writing it now after receiving some sad news a couple of weeks ago… My bar closed down! The lease was due to expire and the company didn’t renew it so I was given a week to clear out and had a crazy busy week working all day, everyday and then a week later I was told there are no General Manager vacancies and so I was made redundant after twelve years with the company!

I could go into a massive rant about that but, maybe another time.

I’ve been thinking, “Am I still Momma Boss?” Should I keep writing under this blog title?  So due to all the work related stress on top of the countdown to our wedding, I stopped writing for a while and have only done a couple of tag posts lately so now I’m going to write all about Momma Boss.

Yes I am still Momma Boss! Momma Boss isn’t a job title, it’s part of who I am or probably more accurately, who I have become.

I have been Momma Boss for about 5 years.

To explain how I got here I will take you back to 2009 when I got my job as a General Manager.  I was 23 so I was very young and very close in age to my team who were mostly 18-21 with the odd exception.  At this time I was more commonly referred to as ‘Auntie Jo’.  I was that cool aunt that gets you pissed.  I was on their wavelength, we were all young, free and single but I was in charge of the bar tab on nights out so that gave me the edge – hence, cool auntie Jo.

My first family.
My first family.

As I grew closer to my team, we really did cement ourselves as a family and so I wasn’t just Auntie, I was Agony Auntie.  I spent more time than I probably should have sitting around with my girls dishing out my theories on everything which mostly involved slagging off men.  “All men are twats, you’ve just gotta find the twat for you!” I still get quoted even now.

It was actually when I started getting quoted that I realised that not only was I making a difference to their lives, they were making a difference to mine!

I loved them.  I genuinely cared about them and I loved that I could help them through life. And they truly did help me, I had some of my worst life events in my time at my bar and my team really did help me get through it all.

Crazy fools!
Crazy fools!

Although a lot of people (men!) would criticise this management technique, it worked perfectly for me.

We respected each other and we did really love each other, we were a true team.

I was probably Auntie Boss at this point but that wasn’t a name that ever existed! I was becoming more in charge but still on their level and going out on the piss and being sick on TVs (mentioning no names, you know who you are!)

It wasn’t long before my crazy work baby created the name ‘Momma Boss’ which had a nice ring to it and I loved it.  I was the mother of the group.  Every group of friends has a mother figure and that was definitely me and I just so happened to be the boss and so Momma Boss was born.

I wasn’t even a mother at this point.  Ollie was years away from existing!

As time went on we continued to work in this family environment.  We didn’t just work together.  We drove each other home, we met up outside work, we spent hours talking to each other on Facebook.  We had each others backs 24/7!

I did not escape the cruel fate that every mother has to face… My babies started flying the nest.  I trained 10 people through personal licence so it made sense that most of my team had to progress and move on.  A few of them were students and moved on when they graduated and worked full time.

I was pregnant here!
I was pregnant here!

I was genuinely upset with every notice that was handed in.  I didn’t want any of them to leave but I also wanted to see them all grow and achieve great things.  It was my Team Leaders leaving me that really got to me, they were my deputies, they were the ones I spent the daytimes with and the ones that covered me when I was off and most importantly, my friends!

The last long serving Team Leader left me last summer, at that point I felt like my whole family had fallen apart.  I had no originals left!  I often thought that was the point for me to move onto somewhere or something else but then my new babies surfaced.

I had a new Trainee Team Leader and a much smaller team but we didn’t need anymore!

Saved by the Bell: The New Class
Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Quite some time had passed since my original family had formed.  I was actually a mom now. Whereas I was once the cool auntie, only a few years older than my team… I was now getting on for 30! Hiring 18 year olds now made me almost old enough to actually be their Mom! They didn’t know who the Spice Girls are because they were only just being BORN when I was in secondary school making up dance routines to Say You’ll Be There!

I truly evolved into Momma Boss one night after work when I took one of my babies to A&E with a cut finger and I went to enquire about something and somebody said to my girl, “Your mom is just talking to the nurse.” Your mom.

At first I was all, “What!?” Then I did some simple maths, she’s 18, I’m 30.  I could pass for up to 35, she could pass for 17… I was 18 when I had her.  Not that far fetched really.  I was Momma Boss!

It become a reoccurring joke and she starting calling me Momma and we even told some drunken fools that I’m her mom and I’ll be honest… Nobody was that surprised.

So I went from being an auntie, to having Momma as a cute nickname, to actually being a real Momma and then being old enough to be the mother of my staff!

I have honestly loved all of my years as Momma Boss and found some people that I am truly compatible with.  You have all given me some of the happiest memories that I’ll treasure forever.  I will tell Ollie all about my kids before I had kids.

We’ll overlook the two mistakes I made, I’m only human but I’ll never make that mistake again.  In my 6 and a bit years I hired around 40 people, 38 of them I’d rehire and if any of you read this and ever need a reference just get in touch.  We should definitely have a reunion and relive the old days for one night only!

I will be a boss again one day in the not too distant future but for now I’m on a little work break planning the wedding which is just over 2 weeks away.  Then I’m having my honeymoon and I’ll have to do something I haven’t done for 12 years… Apply for jobs!

I haven’t been unemployed for a single day since I was 16! I’d better update my CV.

I never mention the name of my bar for various reasons but if you know it fill in the gap…

You can take the girl out of ____ but you can’t take ____ out of the girl!

Once a crazy ___ girl, always a crazy ____ girl.

(Same rule applies to Kings and Queens of Narnia.)