The Pizza-Over

I want to write to tell Ollie about his cousins Jake and Tom. By the time Ollie reads about his babyhood, Jake and Tom might be off at uni, travelling round the world or just not like us anymore… Hopefully not the last one! So I want to write about them because in 10 years time I will probably forget some of the details.  And for anyone that doesn’t personally know me and Ollie, you will gain a bit more insight to our lives! 


Jake is nearly 10, he wants to be an architect when he’s older.  He loves learning about buildings and other cultures.  His top three places he wants to visit are; Brazil, Canada and Dubai. Jake is really smart but gets frustrated by insecure, unintelligent people that are nasty to people.  One of his classmates tried to start an argument by saying, “What you gonna do about it?” (After the kid shoulder barged Jake) Jake said, “Nothing!” And the kid said, “Yeh that’s what I thought!” Jake said, “I know!” It took me a while to get it but it’s really funny… Nothing, because he thinks nothing. The kid thought nothing!
Jake really loves Ollie, he finds everything he does cute and funny! I hope they are still friends as they both get older.
Jake! ❤️
Tom has just turned 8, he wants to be a builder or a musician.  He loves making things and he loves music. I asked him if he could go anywhere in the world, where would it be.  He said, “Monkey Forest!” So I had to take him! Now I’ve got to save up to take Jake to Brazil so it’s fair.  Haha! Tom loves monkeys! He wants to be a monkey.  He has no fear.  He’ll climb up anything and jump off everything.  Tom ‘keeps it real’ he does what he likes not what everyone else likes.  Tom is learning to play the guitar, keyboard and drums.  He’s a cool kid, he goes to rock school. I like the way Tom says, “Ollie!” He says it in a cute, soft voice! I hope he doesn’t teach Ollie too many climbing tricks.
Tom! ❤️
Aunty-ing is very different to parenting because I get to be my inner child.  I can be in touch with my inner child with Ollie but I can’t just be 9 again, I have to be responsible and set an example.  With the boys we just have fun and I think they respect me more because I’m laid back so when I say no or tell them they’re being naughty they know I mean it because I’m not serious all the time!
It’s the Easter holidays and I said we could have a pizza night and they could stay at our house.  So they called it, The Pizza-Over.
We had pizza, chips, ice cream, chicken nuggets and chocolate buttons for dinner.  Healthy I know.  Then Dave introduced them to iMovie and they loved it! Now they’re planning a mini series starring them.  I wonder how long this phase will last ‽
They stayed up a lot later than they should have and then woke up far too early! My first words in the morning were, “You can go and make some breakfast but I’m not getting up yet!” Then we all got up at a more sensible time and had a day trip.
We went to Hatton Farm.  We really love animals and we love adventures so it’s a good choice.  My sister came with us too so my inner child could have a go on the Helter-Skelter while she watched Ollie.  Ollie had a good time at the farm.  He went in the baby indoor play area, picked up some sand, stroked a guinea pig, laughed at the pigs oinking and watched us feed sheep and goats.
Ollie likes standing up now!


“This feels funny Jake!”


“Can I feed them next year?”

I hope that Ollie grows up staying close to Jake and Tom! They are good friends now and I hope it stays that way.  They’re my little mates too so I don’t want them to forget me either!
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