The Problem with Banning Piercing.

I have written a few draft posts on this subject but deleted them because I don’t really want to be involved in yet another Mommy debate. So I’m not going to talk too much about me, I’m going to ask you some questions. People seem to feel very strongly about this so if you agree with banning piercing for babies and toddlers these are my questions for you.

(My personal opinion is, there’s no benefit to piercing ears, I had mine done aged 26 when my nan died so that I could wear her earrings. I had my belly button pierced at 15 because I wanted it done.)

My main question is, what difference does it make to you if somebody pierces their baby’s ears? Does it ruin your day? Are you so traumatised by seeing studs on a baby that you can’t go on with your day? I just don’t understand why it bothers people so much. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

How would you like to passively aggressively be called a child abuser? When you rant about it being cruel and abusive, you’re just insulting every mother that has done it! They’re not abusers. You’re aligning them with rapists, neglectful, child beaters etc and that isn’t fair. It is sparking unnecessary arguments.  Choose your words carefully. 

Have you considered that there might just be a bigger picture? There might be a reason that has sod all to do with you. I was watching Blinged up Babies earlier and the one mother spoke about her miracle little girl because she had miscarried at 20 weeks with her previous pregnancy. Is she a bad mother for loving that child so much that she is girly-fying her as much as possible? Or is she actually really grateful and adores her baby? 

What is so wrong with being vain anyway? You’re not bad if you want your baby to look pretty. I am not into bling and make up personally but I also look like a tramp a lot of the time. Teaching your kids to take pride in their looks doesn’t make you bad. I don’t think it’s bad to not take pride in your kids looks either. I like seeing kids muddy and messy but it’s down to personal preference. 

Why are we allowing one person to dictate what mothers should do by starting a petition just because they don’t agree? If you feel so strongly about banning it, why didn’t you start the petition? 

The real problem with banning piercing is, it’s just one more thing to bash mothers over the head with. Can’t we just accept a difference of opinion? 
There is nothing a mother can do right these days. The way you feed, sleep, work, wean… Everything is a debate! 

Concentrate on your own life! 

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  • I agree with you trying to see both sides but I don’t agree with entire your argument. I agree that Mothers who pierce their babies ears are not abusers but I do think it is gross, cruel and uneccessary.
    Most primary schools do not allow pierced are for safety reasons (I’ve seen a stud pulled out of a child’s ear so it does happen and it’s horrific) and it’s a nice shiny thing for other toddlers try to get a touch of when playing.

    I think it should be banned. Just like any other peircing, the age limit should be 16yrs.

    It’s about personal choice, yes, you are right but what about the child’s choice? I actually know quite a few people who don’t have ear peircing and some that wish they hadn’t. I myself pierced my own ear a further two times as a teenager and wish I hadn’t.

    When I see a baby with pierced ears, it doesn’t ruin my day but rightly or wrongly I imagine that I’ll have nothing in common with someone that made that decision.

    • MommaBoss

      I just think it’s sad that there is another thing to criticise mothers for. There’s always a bigger picture. I hate seeing people turn nasty and insulting strangers over a difference of opinion. Scroll down facebook and it won’t take long to find a thread where people are attacking each other over opinion. I think it’s sad.

  • Really interesting points. I’ve been watching blinging up baby and whilst I wouldn’t choose to spend my money in that way, it’s up to the individual. I didn’t like the woman who wouldn’t let her kids get dirty and hated taking them to the park because they scuffed their shoes. That I felt was depriving her kids of playing. As for ear piercing, I personally don’t like it because of the pain it causes little ones. But do I think it should be banned? No. Becuase if you go down that route what’s next? Banning parents from buying their children an occasional sugary treat?
    Great post

    • MommaBoss

      Thanks πŸ™‚ See now I think sugary treats are more ‘abusive’ (not actually abusive!) than piercing because it is lasting damage! You can’t get new teeth, you can take a stud out and the hole will close up! But I’m not going on a mission to ban lollipops just because I have OCD about my teeth lol!

      • Can of worms spring to mind!!! πŸ˜‰

        • MommaBoss

          Haha… Why I’ll never blog on the subject! lol

  • SingleSuperMummy

    I didn’t even know this was a debate that was going on (clearly I’ve been living under a rock…) I really don’t see the problem with piercing a babies ears. My daughter got hers done at 9 months and both myself and my sister got ours pierced as babies too. I’m very into tattoos and piercings and feel that obviously there should be an age limit on certain piercings, ear piercings shouldn’t be one of them if you as a responsible parent has chosen to get your child ears pierced.

    I think it’s all down to personal choice at the end of the day and there’s more important things to grumble out. Let’s be more concerned about the kids who are genuinely getting abused/neglected/raped and less about a piercing that’s been done basically for cosmetic reasons and because some people find it cute. I’m sure if these same parents (myself included) saw that their baby wasn’t getting on with the piercing they would remove it immediately and not let them suffer for the sake of vanity.

    Also if it’s to be banned does that mean every child under a certain age now has to remove their ear rings and leave the hole to heal up and re pierce again when they’re older and have made the decision to pierce by themselves?

    • MommaBoss

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! And if they’re not removed, when babies of today get to school age are they going to stand out as ‘abused’ babies? It’s ridiculous. Like you say, so much more important issues to concern ourselves with!

  • Charlotte Pearson

    I agree everything is a debate – I wouldn’t ever do it but that is my choice. Just like I choose to breastfeed and others don’t. I had my ears pierced at 18 after being told by my dad for that long I couldn’t have them done. I only did it becasue I could. #effitfriday @MummyFever

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    I like this rant because it’s not a rant on the actual subject but instead it’s questioning you on your own thoughts so is very thought provoking.

    I have become Switzerland on ear piercing. While I wouldnt do it to my boys or if I had a girl I wouldn’t either. I would never judge anyone who does. Aside from it being a choice it has come to my attention the whole cultural side as well and it’s about gifting the child with gold.

    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday