The Q3 Report.

My little Oliver is NINE months! It has gone so fast.  He is just a perfect little baby. Ollie’s first Easter falls in Q3. Lamby! Easter will basically be Happy Chocolate Day in our house.  Any excuse to eat chocolate.  We’re not religious so we won’t ‘celebrate’ Easter.  I do think it’s nice for kids to go to the farm for Easter and see lambs and chicks.  Ollie will have the coolest Easter bonnet when he gets older, Dave loves making costumes and I like to win everything so poor Ollie will be parading our creations when he’s a bit older.  

Q3 Highlights.

  1. Ollie can crawl… And stand up! 
  2. Lamby meets Lamby’s – Ollie’s first trip to the farm for Easter.  
  3. Ollie’s trying to talk. 
  4. Our first Mothers Day. 
  5. MommaBoss joins Twitter, Instagram, FB pages and gets published on HuffPo and Bloggers Required. 

Performance Review.

Ollie crawled for the first time when we were in Blackpool for the Magic Convention.  He just started crawling around the bed.  That was at the end of February.  Then the first time he pulled himself up to stand up in his cot was Mothers Day (he’s making it easy for me to remember when things happened!) Now he doesn’t sit still! He can crawl really fast now and can pull himself up to stand up if he’s in his cot or sitting by something he can grab on to.  Sometimes he gets brave and lets go! He’ll stand up for 2 seconds then get wobbly and fall down.  

Communications Sector.

 Ollie is really trying to talk now.  He definitely says “Dadda!” Or sometimes “A-Dadda!” It’s definitely Dadda because he says it when he’s looking at Dave or first thing in the morning (Dave gets his first bottle.) Or his other little trick is when I say, “No Ollie!” If he’s trying to grab wires or something he says Dadda or Naaan! I think he’s trying to get a second opinion! Trying to ask Daddy or Nanny if he can play with the wires.  We have definitely heard “Momma” too and the first time he said it was also on Mothers Day. Apparently he calls Momma when I’m at work.  

Growth Potential.

Ollie is getting so big! He wears 9-12 month clothes and he’s a tall baby. He was just over 8 months when he moved up a clothes size. He doesn’t seem as chunky as he was a few months ago because he’s always moving now.  He loves his dinners! He still has his morning and night bottle but he has porridge mid morning and dinner with us in the evening.  He is really neat with his eating! He likes cheesy dinner, cauliflower cheese or cheesy pasta.  We’ve been waiting ages for his top teeth to pop! We can see his gums bulging but they’re just not coming out. He’s got my taste in food! He tried chocolate buttons for the first time on Easter Sunday and he loved them, he wanted to keep eating them.  He had five then I said that’s enough Ollie! 

Health and Safety Analysis.

I’m still a crazy momma taking Ollie to the doctors at the slightest cough.  He had a little bug again but it was around the time his gums started bulging so I think it’s linked to teething because he had a poorly stage before his bottom teeth popped.  I am OCD about brushing Ollie’s teeth.  He has his teeth brushed every night after a bath and he likes it! I’ll start on morning brushing too soon.  And I’m sure it’s about time for him to visit the dentist.  

Financial Summary.

I’ve definitely got better at controlling my spending.  I hardly buy anything for me really.  Ollie does need a lot of stuff.  When I get paid I usually do an Ollie shop and get nappies milk, baby food etc.  I usually spend about £40 and then top up a couple of weeks later and spend about £20. Since I’ve made my blog more public I have been getting free or discounted products to review on my blog which has been very useful. I’ve had two packs of nappies, feeding equipment, toys and clothing.

Closing Statement.

 The next time I write my report, Ollie will be one! The Q4 year end report will be cute.  We’re planning a birthday weekender for him.  Ollie is a really good boy.  He is absolutely no trouble at all. He doesn’t stop me doing anything, he just comes along and goes with the flow.  He’s chilled out like me! He is going to have my personality.  

He is only in a bad mood if he’s tired or constipated.  I love sleep and hate IBS! They’re the only things that put me in a mood too! (And traffic but he’ll discover that later.)  He loves House! I got obsessed with watching House and Ollie obviously picked up on it because he instantly calms down if we play the Dr House theme tune.  He hates fruit except bananas.  Exactly like me.  He cried when my sister tried to feed him fruit!  I feel like crying too Ollie, it’s horrible isn’t it mate! He loves biscuits and cake! Just like me.  He loves baby biscuits and tried a bit of cake on Toms birthday and loved it.  I’m also convinced he’s going to be a lefty as he seems to use his left hand more dominantly.  
Ollie you’re going to be just like you’re Momma! 


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