The Secret is Out! My First Blog Post.

This morning I’ve gone through my blog posts and deleted 4 pages of old crap posts or draft posts that I’m not going to publish.  I’ve deleted a lot of my early ones because they all needed editing.  They weren’t crap really, but a few years ago WordPress was just block text and not so much editing was required to make them readable.  It is a lot of work to do for a few old posts that nobody will read.

However, this one is my first ever blog post. Originally published on 23rd January 2014.  When MommaBoss was MyLittleBump.Wordpress.  I’m going to tidy it up and add some better pictures and re share.  No opinions will be changed… 

Anything blue is new.

This week – the secret has been announced.  I’m 17 weeks pregnant, or there about.  I have my scan booked for just over a weeks time so I’ll know exactly then but based on my last period it’s due 28th June.

I’ve waited a while to tell people for various reasons but I’m not going into any negativity because I’m really happy about my baby! I’ve already started buying stuff.  I have convinced myself it’s a girl because I am just like my mom and I have two sisters, no brothers and I keep dreaming about little baby girls.  I would really like a little ballerina.  🙂  Then again it would be nice to find the perfect man! I think most moms agree that the best way to find true love is to give birth to it.

A couple of weeks after writing this I went to New York with my sisters.

I have bought a baby Doppler and I can hear the little heartbeat.  It’s the most magical thing that’s ever happened to me. It varies from 140 – 160 bpm which is pretty perfect.

According to an old wives tale over 140 is a sign of a girl. I don’t generally believe in superstitious crap but I’m believing what I want to believe now. (Bullshit thing to write  – haha! Read this.)

Another one is eating a lot of red meat prior to pregnancy will lead to a boy… I was a veggie pre-baby so we’ll see if that’s true! I’m not exactly veggie anymore, I eat what baby craves and it’s chicken nuggets, sausages and vimto that baby asks for! (Now Ollie loves sausages – surprisingly not so into chicken nuggets.)

So I’m just doing what my body tells me. I’m quite old fashioned, I believe that my body knows what to do. My Nan gave birth to 9 babies at home in the 40s – 60s so I feel like I can handle one birth in a modern hospital. I may take that back in June… (I nearly died but I handled it!)

I’ve hardly put on any weight.  My waist is virtually the same and so are my thighs and ass.  Around my belly button has popped a couple of inches and I’m expecting to start blowing up now!

I do think some women use pregnancy as an excuse to over indulge though. (Still think that.)  I read once that if your thighs are getting fat then you’re just getting fat! Belly and boobs should grow and that’s it.  I eat a lot more than I used to but I don’t eat for the sake of it and I stop scoffing if I’m full up – equally I’ll eat a McDonalds meal, happy meal and cheesy bites if baby tells me to keep going!  Listening to my body.

We nicknamed my bump Lamby when we were in New York. We didn’t know it was Ollie but whoever it was, it was the smallest member of the herd.

I don’t wear bras anymore, they hurt! I’ve got loads of £3 crop tops from Primark and they’re perfect! So comfortable and squash me down a bit.  I’ve never wanted big boobs but I like my reason for big boobs now. (Really hate my breastfeeding boobs now!)

Sightseeing with Lamby.

I’m going to try and post at least once a week so if you’re a carefully selected special person feel free to follow and comment! (I did post once a week through my pregnancy and carried on beyond even though I thought I’d stop!)

Approx 17 weeks! A bit dark but you can see my little bump.

Yeh that is a crap dark picture… I was little though.
I was 18/19 weeks here – I think I just looked bloated.

If you’re a blogger reading this, share your first post and tweet me! I think it’s quite interesting how bloggers evolve – editing the appearance is allowed but keep all opinions.

I’m going to link up to Bloggers Best so I want to see your first posts Sarah and Helen!


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  • My little Jo has got a little bump. Good luck with the coming months. You will be a wonderful mommy because you are such a kind caring person. Love ya Jo x love you too little one. X

    • Could not be more thrilled about this!!!!!!! Baby will have the most amazing mummy and extended family!! From the point of view of someone who’s never been pregnant it will be really interesting to hear the TRUTH about getting to grips with first time pregnancy!! 🙂

  • I’m such a happy auntie to be!!! I’ve wanted this for so long but I know you have too Jo and you are going to be such a lovely mommy to our new little member of the herd! I love him or her already! This is a good idea I’m going to enjoy reading these blogs and I’m gonna be there every step of the way in real life too. I can’t believe you’re still skinny this far along! Xxxxxxxxx

  • Awww what a cute thing to do and bring back the memories X #bloggersbest