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I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favourite bloggers on my blog.  I’ve been blogging for a while and I’ve joined a few blogging networks and there are a few great bloggers that I would like to share.

This is Wendy’s World. I like this blog because she seems to have an old school attitude like me.  Check out this post on TVs. This is the post that caught my attention.

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Top 10 Things Not to do on Facebook!

For some, Facebook is just somewhere to keep up with friends and family, and see what’s going on in their lives.

For others, it’s a place to have a rant, post selfie after selfie of yourself posing into a mirror, or tell the world what you’re having for your tea.

So imagine the surprise this poor unfortunate got when one of her so called ‘friends’ took umbrage to all the cooing baby posts on there and sent an anonymous letter saying “She crawls off the mat – WE DON’T CARE!” 

Charming. Come on it’s what Facebook is all about surely?! I for one am a nosey mare at the best of times and love to see what everyone else is doing.

People with blank walls are boring. Where’s the fun in that?! I’d have thought the clue was in the name – SOCIAL media.

Be sociable, people.

If baby coos and whatnot are so offensive and annoying, there’s always the option of the hide button so you’re blissfully unaware of what they’re blithering on about today without going the frankly nasty and cowardly poison pen letter way.

What would Facebook be without any of these?! Get the finger flexing on the hide button for any of these (or the popcorn out and settled back for fun if you’re that way inclined like myself)

Top 10 Facebook No – No’s

1) Passive aggressive statuses. “If you have something to say, say it to my FACE!”

Um, quite. Ironic.

2) “So upset right now.”


friend 1- “What’s up hun?”

friend 2 –  “you OK?!”

original poster “I can’t say on here, sorry.


3) “I’m having a friend cull! If you can still see this later then you’ve made the cut.”

Ok, bye then. No need for the announcement. Just chop people already without the fanfare. Jeez Louise.

4)”I’m out of lives on Farmville! Can you send me one?!”



This is a picture of my breakfast. This is a picture of my lunch. This is a picture of my tea. Hashtag nom yum food in my tum.

Eat it already, it’ll be going cold.


Text speak.

“Hyy bbe hows u? I lyk ur pikkies of ur babbies. Gawjus hun.”

Come again?

7)Daily fitness app updates.

“I’ve just ran 95 miles with the occasional stop for a few lunges and squats.”

That’s nice. I’ve sat on my arse and eaten some biscuits. Does lifting arm up to mouth count as exercise?

8) “Toddler just done his first poo in the potty!”

I’m sure he’ll LOVE reading about that when he’s older. Cheers, mum.


“It’s wine o’clock!”

What again? You alky. You’ll be progressing to the park bench with your brown paper bag next.


Cryptic status updates that turn into a bout of virtual fisticuffs and hair pulling.


“I wish I’d never spoken to a certain someone today. They proper do my head in.”

friend 1 – “That me you’re talking about?”

friend 2 – “NO, she must mean me. Biatch, come here and say that.”

friend 3 – (quivering behind keyboard having internal panic) “oh Gawd, it’s me isn’t it? She must mean me.”

friend 1 – “Nope, she deffo means me. Silly slag bag.”

You’ve got to love Facebook really, and before anyone starts on me I’m guilty of several of these and am probably already hidden for being an annoying git who updates 10 times a day with inane shizzle that no-one really cares about.


The hide button, people – it’s your friend. Although it’d be a quiet and boring place with no drama or baby poo on there…