Toy Story 5: My Idea.

You might remember that we recently had a trip to Disneyland Paris and you might recall that I’m a Toy Story Mom. So you won’t be surprised to hear that I can’t wait for Toy Story 4 to come out in 2018!  However, I have my own ideas on what it should be about.  (If somebody else has written something similar, it’s pure coincidence, I’m not copying!) It’s going to be a stand alone sequel, so it will not continue on from Toy Story 3 it will be a separate story about Woody and Bo-Peep.

My version makes perfect sense because adults of today were kids when Toy Story came out and they will totally relate to Andy as an adult.

This is what I think should happen… or maybe Toy Story 5?

Andy was 6 in the first film in 1995 and 17 in 2010, so as it isn’t ‘real time’ my plan will work…

Andy finished college and returned to his hometown, he grew up with a single mother so it makes sense that he’d come back to her.  He has bought a house in his old neighbourhood with his wife and 6 year old son.  His son has been sucked into the modern age and spends very little time with Andy, he just wants to play on his tablet and isn’t bothered with his toys.

Andy tries to fire up an imagination for him but he doesn’t have much luck.  Bonnie is now 17 and going off to college.  We have a scene that mirrors Toy Story 3 where the toys are saying, “It’s Andy all over again!” Where they are watching Bonnie packing up her stuff and don’t know what will happen to them.

They are all thrown in a box and thrown into the back of Bonnie’s car.  They think they have made it, they’re going to college with her!  Shortly after the car stops and they are dumped on the roadside.  It’s raining and they watch Bonnie drive away.  Woody is optimistic and tries to come up with a plan to escape, Jessie has had enough and just wants to be left to go to the dumpster.  Buzz has to explain to Dolly, Trixie, Buttercup and Mr Pricklepants, he tells them about their Bonnie and why Andy gave them to Bonnie all those years ago.  They can’t believe this has happened to them.

As they’re about to lose hope, a car pulls up.  They haven’t been left on the roadside, they’ve been left on a driveway.

Andy gets out of the car.  Woody’s eyes light up!  He can’t believe it!  Andy reads out a soggy note that Bonnie left on the box, “I left for college today!  I dropped by to say bye but you weren’t home… Thought you and your son might like these old friends!”  (He doesn’t mention the kids name, we don’t know it yet.)

Andy smiles and closes his eyes… he has a flashback to playing with all of them and remembers how happy he was playing with real toys.  He takes the box inside and puts it in his bedroom.

He is getting ready for bed and telling his wife all about his toys and why he hates that (kid) only plays with gadgets.  He wants him to have an imagination and experience what he had.  His wife tries to calm him down and explain how times have changed.  Andy isn’t convinced he believes his kid can have fun like he used to.

The family go to bed and we see the toys in the box…

Rex is so excited.  He starts shouting, “We’re going to get played with… Andy has a son!”  Trixie joins in and is very happy too! Jessie tries to hide a smile but she’s still pessimistic, Bullseye looks sad and tries to comfort her.  Dolly and Buttercup are trying to make sense of what is happening.  Mr Pricklepants believes he is going to be able to put his acting skills to good use again and starts quoting Shakespeare.  The Potato Heads try to stop their adopted children, the three peas, from jumping out the box.  Slinky is getting old, his spring is all loose and he just wants to go to sleep. Hamm is old too and lost his cork, he’s cuddled up next to him.

Meanwhile, Woody and Buzz are making their way to the kids room.  They peer in and see a boy that looks just like young Andy.  At first they’re excited but then they push the door open… They can’t see any toys!  They look horrified at the few dusty lego men that wave to them from across the room.

A tablet pops up from under the bed and says “What can I help you with?’ they talk to it siri style, siri has recognised that they are Buzz and Woody and so talks back to them Mr Spell style.  The tablet explains that the kid uses him all day long and doesn’t really like toys.  The tablet would like a break because he gets too hot being on all day.  They come up with a plan.

Buzz gets Dolly and Buttercup to help, they don’t mind because they don’t really know what’s going on.  They ride downstairs and sift through the junk mail, they find a flyer for Pizza Planet and leave it next to Andy’s keys in the hallway.

Woody uses the tablet to download a retro game… Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.

The next morning we see Andy get up and ready to go to work, he sees the flyer for Pizza Planet and has an idea.  He shouts up to his wife, “Don’t make any dinner tonight… I’m taking us out!”  We see the son wake up and immediately reach for his tablet.  He sees this retro game and initially laughs at it saying it looks old and boring.  Then he has a play… Time passes and Andy returns home, his wife says he might be right about their son spending too much time on his gadgets and tells him he’s been playing on it all day.

Andy insists that he puts it down and they all go out for dinner.  Pizza Planet is now retro cool.  The claw machine is no longer filled with aliens but instead the once popular, Zurg!  Andy is shocked when his son asks for a quarter so he can try and win a Zurg.  How does he know who Zurg is?  He plays and wins!  Andy is pleased to see his son playing with the Evil Emperor Zurg throughout dinner and thinks his plan might work. (He doesn’t realise it’s actually the toys plan!)

They play a few retro games before heading home.  Wreck It Ralph makes a cameo appearance and the aliens now have their own computer game which Andy plays and loves.  His wife joins in and plays Sugar Rush.  We see a flashback to her childhood where she was addicted to games which explains why she wasn’t too fussy about the kid playing on the tablet. They all have a great time laughing and playing and Andy has to pull his son away to go home.

When they get home Buzz is on the kids bed.  The kid looks at Buzz but reaches for his tablet, Buzz looks disappointed, the plan hasn’t worked.  Just as the kid is about to start a new game Andy bursts in with Zurg and pretends to be aiming for his kid.  The kid smiles and picks Buzz up and shouts, “To infinity and beyond! Buzz the space ranger will defeat you!” They laugh and play together as the other toys peer through the box from Andy’s room.  The kid goes to bed cuddling Buzz and Zurg.  Buzz gives a thumbs up to Woody across the hall.

The next day we see the kid playing in a really messy room with all the toys.  They’re all so happy Jessie is racing with Dolly on Bullseye and Buttercup.  Slinky and Hamm have new roles, they are the look out team and live on the shelf, they have to let the toys know what’s going on outside.

Andy calls the kid down for lunch. Rex and Trixie are obsessed with the tablet and love playing retro games when nobody is watching. Buzz and Zurg are really close and always shake hands and apologise after their playtime wars.  “I really didn’t mean to throw you off the bed back there!” They laugh and hug it out. The Potato Heads have recruited the Lego men as their new monkeys, they throw tubs of Lego to attack during the games.

When the kid leaves the room, we see Woody come through the door.  Although the kid is allowed to play with Woody, he lives in Andy’s room, after all, Andy always had a soft spot for him.  Buzz pats Woody on the back and they all lift up their feet where the kid has re-marked them all, ‘Woody’.  Woody is beaming with happiness.

Cut to the back yard where Andy is giving Woody (the kid) piggy backs and they are playing happily, gadget free!  ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ plays as it zooms out and we see Hamm and Slinky watching them play in the garden and all the other toys laughing together in Woody’s room.

Credits. (Based on an idea by Momma Boss.)

Cut to the Mom obsessively playing a tablet version of Fix-It-Felix.


Cut to FaceTime with Barbie and Ken updating them on Sunnyside daycare. Barbie is really happy because somebody donated a Shelley doll so she has her little sister back. Ken shows off in the water play because somebody donated a jet-ski.

Boom!  Who has got tears in their eyes then?  (Apart from my younger sister, I know you’re crying Child!)


  • Zena’s Suitcase

    This is totally awesome. Where did you get an imagination like that. The credits alone had me in stitches!

  • You’re a screenwriter in the making!! Now all we need is some story boards drawn up and BOOM! We’re ready to pitch to the major film houses! 😉 great story x

  • Tori Gabriel

    Brilliant. You need to copyright this before someone pinches it. I love how you incorporated all the characters, both new and old.

  • Ickle Pickle

    Love it! Have you approached Disney? You should you know. Kaz x

  • This sounds amazing! I loved the original toy story – can’t wait to share them films with my daughter.

  • Elaine Livingstone

    Brilliant imagination, and tied in nicely with the previous films, you may well be onto a winner here

  • Kara

    I love the Toy Story Films – I would like to see them merge with some of the other characters, like Bugs life