Travelling With a Weaning Baby.

This weekend Ollie has been in Blackpool for his first Magic Convention. Well, we didn’t see any magic but that’s why we’re here! It’s his first weekend away since he’s been eating little dinners. I think travelling with a baby is meant to be stressful and I think weaning a baby can sometimes be stressful but here’s how I’ve had a stress-free weekend!


1. Electric Steam steriliser.

Check out my reviews on sterilisers for my pros and cons of electric and microwave sterilisers. For a little British holiday, putting the electric steriliser in the car has made the weekend a lot easier. I’ve been washing his bottles in the bathroom then putting them through the steriliser without relying on a microwave. I’ve been sterilising his little bowls and spoons too. I’ve got a Nuby Electric dome steriliser. 

2. Powdered food.

Ollie has been having puréed food at home but this powdered food is just add hot water so you can make it up using a kettle or if you’re at a restaurant just ask for some fresh boiled water and you have stress free baby dinners! You could use a bottle warmer for jars or pots of purée food but then that’s another thing to pack and less convenient in restaurants. If you make your own food then you’ll need a blender too so this way you just need a packet of food and a bowl and spoon! Mix and you’re done.



3. Check up!

Check your check in and out times for your hotel so you know if you will be in the room at your feeding times. Then you can arrange some pots with measured out portions before you leave and just add water which should be easy to get in a cafe or hotel foyer!

4. Stick to your routine.

I’ve given Ollie his bottles at his normal times (normal spacing on day one but slightly later) and come back to the hotel for nap times and given him his dinner at the normal time. It must be confusing for babies when they’re somewhere different so I’ve tried to keep it familiar.

5. Keep calm.

Babies pick up on your stress so don’t panic if something doesn’t go to plan, just get back on track as soon as you can! Ollie always falls asleep in the car so he missed his afternoon feed on the way here so I just let him sleep and caught up when we got here so we were back on schedule. He doesn’t look at the time and think, “woah where’s my dinner?” He had his afternoon bottle slightly later so his dinner was slightly later but still the same space apart so to him it was his routine!