Turning Veggie… Again!

My pregnancy cravings with Ollie were pretty strong. It was easy for me to figure out why my body was craving certain foods during pregnancy because I badly craved chicken. 

Not that weird really considering some people crave chalk and non edible items but it was a big shocker for me because, I was a vegetarian!


pregnancy cravings
Lamby the bump loved chicken!
I’d been veggie for 16 years and I didn’t even like chicken when I ate meat. I had a constant taste of chicken in my mouth and I couldn’t relax until I’d scoffed McDonalds chicken nuggets! 

In my second trimester I was going to McDonalds about 3 times a week. 

Later in my pregnancy I craved bananas and cheese.

Our bodies have evolved to crave what we need. My sister always recalls the time she ate two whole oranges because she was poorly and needed vitamin C. She doesn’t even like oranges!

I started eating meat because my body needed protein to grow a little person. Then I craved calcium to help his little bones grow and I found out later that bananas are a natural antacid. Somehow my body knew that because I had really bad heartburn in my third trimester. Pretty amazing how our bodies work. 

Anyway… I’m turning veggie again. After Ollie was born I said there was no point being labelled veggie again because I’d already cheated!

I thought it was like having a nine month affair and then going back to your husband saying, “but we’re still married right?” It just felt hypocritical to rejoin the veggie society!

I’m not going to call myself veggie anymore but I have completely gone off meat! I hate the texture and the smell and I just don’t want to eat it anymore! 

I can tolerate burgers and nuggets because they’re similar to the veggie versions anyway. Joints of meat that still look like animals and chewy meat like steak… No thanks! 

Pass me the Specials Menu. I want the veggie option. 

Did you crave anything during pregnancy and hate it afterwards? 


pregnancy cravings
Pass the bananas!