Waiting for Ted Mosby…

Remember our wedding? It had a unique theme, the TV programme How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM).

There were loads of references in the wedding and loads of reasons that was our theme. When me and Dave first met, HIMYM was on around series 5 and we hadn’t met the mother yet. I used to say I was the mother because I love the character Ted Mosby.

He is a wonderful character! And when I met Dave my mom actually thought he was like Ted!

Ted very much believed in timing and more importantly, time! One thing I hate about people today is needing everything NOW and doing everything to keep up appearances instead of when the time is right for them. Ted wasn’t like that, Ted held out for the one and lived through all the drama and heartache to get him to be in the right place, at the right time, with the one.

So with that in mind I’m going to tell a story in the style of Ted Mosby…

Kids, it was the summer of 2016 and I had a 10am appointment booked. The day before the office rang me and said that there had been a mistake with the online system and 1.15pm was the earliest appointment available. So I changed it.

Then the night before, you fell out of bed Ollie! I thought you were ok but in the morning you were crying and couldn’t walk properly so we took you to A&E. You had x Ray’s and you were ok, just a bit bruised and sad. (They were wrong!) But kids, we didn’t leave the hospital until 10.30am so there was no way we would have made that 10am appointment across town.

But that’s the thing about timing, timing is the most important thing and after that there’s only one other thing. Chemistry.

The chemistry in my body had been doing its job for 18 weeks and when we finally got to that 1.15 appointment, we hadn’t just made it over the hurdles of the day.

It had been a long road and it had a lot of bumps along the way.

Baby Tutu - 10 week miscarriage.
Baby Tutu – 10 week miscarriage.
Baby Stevie - 21 week miscarriage.
Baby Stevie – 21 week miscarriage.
Stevie's funeral on BTTF day.
Stevie’s funeral on BTTF day.
Losing my job by being made redundant!
Losing my job by being made redundant!
Planning our wedding in a month to keep ourselves happy after Stevie...
Planning our wedding in a month to keep ourselves happy after Stevie…

But Ted, that road led us to you!

Haaaave you met Ted?
Haaaave you met Ted?

Our one!

You’re a cliche wedding night baby! You were made at the HIMYM wedding so after waiting so long for the one that will be Ollie’s best mate, his little wingman. Ted is the most perfect name for you.


And also you’re in a Ted! We have your heartbeat in a bear. 😊🐻


I originally wrote this when I was 18 weeks pregnant.  I wanted to get to 24 weeks before I announced anything, I’ve made it to ‘viable’!  I’m nearly 25 weeks at the time of publishing this, the day after Stevie’s birthday. “I got sunshine, on a cloudy day.” I wanted to wait until 27 weeks, 3rd trimester but it’s getting obvious now! I’m still really scared everyday but he keeps kicking so we have hope that Ted is the one. 

  • Bob Sangwell

    I’m crying again! Happy tears though, so watch out for speelig mitsakes xxx