We Don’t Need Parent and Baby Spaces.

In the news today, a mom that blocked somebody in because he parked in a parent and baby space with no kids. 

The store then asked her to move as she was causing an obstruction and seemingly took his side. I’ve been thinking for a while now, we don’t need parent and baby spaces. I must be the only mother in the world that thinks this and will probably upset some people but who cares eh! It’s only my opinion I’m not Prime Minister. 
I do think it’s rude when people park there without kids because they are designated spaces and it always seems to be elderly people! However, I can’t say I’m particularly outraged or willing to start an argument over it. It’s a reflection on their manners.
So these are some reasons we don’t need designated spaces.

  • We’re nothing special. Why do we need priority spaces? We chose to have kids and we choose to go shopping with kids even though pretty much everything is available online. If it stresses you out to park then shop online.
  • Never satisfied! You’ll see moms ranting about the bus too. There’s never any space, people are rude etc… Well then drive? No there’s never any space people are rude etc… Well then get the bus? Ah forget it! Shop online!
  • I can’t get a car seat through a 1cm gap! This is the argument for needing the extra space at the side. If you are parking with a 1cm gap to spare, 1. How are your mirrors still attached? 2. How did you get out? 3. Learn how to park! 4. Shop online! 
  • I used to take newborn Ollie shopping in the baby carrier then I was hands free and could easily get in and out of any space. You can create problems or you can create solutions, such as shop online! 😛 
  • Babies aren’t babies for long. I have been driving for almost 8 years. I had a baby in a travel system car seat for 12 months. Now he is in a fixed car seat so if I can get out the door, so can he! I don’t need a wider space. Even when I have another baby I’ll only have a travel system for a maximum of 12 months after that I’ll have a small child that will be able to get themselves out! So as a percentage of our driving career it’s a really small time window where these spaces actually have a bit of purpose. If shopping with a baby is stressful or makes you believe you’re more important, get your personal driver to hand deliver the shopping to your door princess, aka… 
  • Why do we need to be closer? The kid is in a pram, it’s easy enough to push. Ok, we could argue that it is safer as it’s not ideal having kids running around a car park. I’d argue… Take responsibility for your kids! Or you know, shop online. 

I am being silly by making shop online the solution for everything I know this might not be possible for everybody. I live in Birmingham so I can get anything delivered within 24 hours but the point is, you’re responsible for your own life. You made a choice to have babies and you choose to take them shopping. 

There are solutions that will overcome the stress. Such as evening shopping when your partner is home and the kids are in bed… Aaahhh bliss! Leave the car seat in the back and park in the space anyway because they’ll all be free at that time then you don’t have to walk very far! If you go shopping on a Saturday afternoon with two kids you’ll be lucky to find any space never mind a special wide bay!

Park in an end space! Panic over. I think I read a blog somewhere about making all end spaces parent and baby spaces. Great idea! If that was your blog, send me the link. 

Or in this digital age we have the chance to… All together now… Shop online! 


A lot of fuss about nothing… I’m only little why do I need a bigger space?

  • Bob Sangwell

    This is my favourite so far! I found myself giggling (and silently joining in)