What is Mr Tumble?

A question that many parents have asked themselves since being introduced to CBeebies.  What is he meant to be?!

I never really liked Mr Tumble when I first watched him.  I thought he was a bit weird, what is the point?  Is he a clown? Is he a child? Is it just all some inside joke that I don’t get?

Ollie really got into Mr Tumble early on.  He used to watch it on Monday mornings when he went to my Moms while I was at work and he knows loads of Makaton sign language and sings along with the opening songs.  He loves it and he carries his little Mr Tumble everywhere with him.  I mean everywhere!

Mr Tumble became his safety blanket when he started nursery.  He took Mr Tumble with him one day and hasn’t put him down since, I concluded that it reminded him of being at my moms when I was at work instead of having to go to nursery when I was at work and it made him feel safe.

Not too long ago he forgot to take Mr Tumble on a visit to my moms and so he got attached to Chick while he was there and now Chick gets to come along for most adventures too.  I think my mom casts spells on them haha!

Ollie is 3 now and so Mr Tumble has been firmly in our lives for probably 2 and a half years.  In this time I’ve gone from finding him cringey and weird to now thinking he is actually a really cute character.

As always I like to overanalyse, I should’ve been an English teacher because this meme is totally me:

My 2.5 years of Mr Tumble have given me the answer as to what he is.

He is an adult.  That’s it!  He’s an adult character but some people might think he’s a bit weird or different but it doesn’t matter.  He still has fun and loves his family and it is ok to be the different one.  Mr Tumble is all of the kids on the show.  He is the one that people think what is going on with that? Why does he talk like that? Why is he clumsy and silly?


I find there’s something very real about being different.  The ones that stand out tend to be the ones who don’t conform to stereotypes or try to impress people and I think that is something special and a good type of person to be!


Mr Tumble is a very valuable character for our kids, if your kid is a bit different then he shows them that it’s ok and there are more people that are different and if your kid is perfect then it teaches them that some people are a bit weird and different.


Perhaps the ignorance that parents show towards him by branding him annoying and weird is representative of the ignorance shown to the ‘annoying weirdos’ in the world? (Refer to above meme – definitely should’ve been an English teacher…)