When do Babies Crawl?

The guideline is you should expect your baby to crawl at some point between 6-9 months. Babies all have their own way of crawling, some will bum shuffle, some go up on their knees, some pull themselves along on their belly, some stick one leg out… They’re all unique! Don’t be concerned if your baby looks different to other crawling babies!


I thought Ollie was going to be a bum shuffler because he has been rocking when sitting up. At 7 and a half months I have… A caterpillar! He shuffles along on his belly. He can get really far now!


I’ve noticed he looks like he is swimming! Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe his swimming lessons have helped him crawl! He pulls himself along with his arms and kicks his little legs behind him.



Tips to help babies crawl.

I’m no expert but these are some little things I’ve done to try and encourage him.

1. A shallow bath. I put him in our bath with just enough water to help slide him along and he kicks and moves along!

2. Toys. Put their favourite toys just out of reach and as they get closer move it a bit more! It feels a bit nasty but it helps!

3. Don’t stress! Be prepared for your baby to get frustrated by trying to move. It’s hard to not feel frustrated for them but stay positive, “yay good boy, you can do it” etc. Once they start laughing they’ll try again!

Ollie now has a baby cage for when I need to go to the toilet, make dinner or get washing! I’ve made his travel cot into a fun soft play area where he can practice crawling then have a nap!

Baby cage!
Baby cage!
It's fun in here!
It’s fun in here!