Why I’m pro Co-Sleeping.

I am one of these annoying mothers whose baby slept through the night from 6 weeks. He has always been a good sleeper. On a normal night he’s asleep by 9pm and wakes up about 7am.


one day old… slept in my bed!
In the past year we’ve had a couple of nights where he’s woken us up, when he started teething we had a few nights of crying. Every time we go on holiday he hates the travel cot and will only sleep on me. 

We’ve had a couple of nights recently where Ollie has been waking up in the middle of the night and I always go and get him out the cot and let him snuggle up with me and he settles down straight away.

I just don’t believe that rubbish about creating a rod for your own back. Simply because if he cries in the middle of the night he’s crying because he needs his mommy! I’m not going to reject him just in case I have a 7 year old that wants to sleep in my bed.

Guess what… If my 7 year old needs his mommy, he can have a cuddle in my bed! It doesn’t mean he’s going to sleep in my bed every night.

We did co-sleep a lot in the early days which I think is partly why he settled down so early because he understood bed time.

Now he sleeps in his own bed most nights. If he co-sleeps, it’s because he needs his mommy. 

At this age, he’s not crying for attention or to be a brat. He’s waking up and crying because he needs something! Maybe as he gets older I’ll experience different reasons for waking up but for now, he needs his mommy!

Some reasons babies cry in the night. 

  • Uncomfortable. It could be wet nappy, belly ache, too hot/ cold. I can solve those problems for him so I’m not leaving him to cry. If it’s a nappy he’ll go straight back to sleep. Belly ache, if I cuddle him and rub his belly he calms down. Temperature, a cuddle will regulate his temperature and calm him down. 
  • Scared. Babies can have dreams and nightmares too! You don’t know what’s going on in their little head. If he’s awake because he’s scared, I’m going to give him a cuddle to calm him down. 
  • Pain. Mostly from teething, once again, a cuddle will calm him down. 
  • Unfamiliar. Ollie doesn’t settle well in strange places. I’m not going to ignore him, I’m going to help him feel safe by being with me because I’m familiar. We all sleep better in our own beds! 

Babies don’t set alarms to go off at 3am so they can test you or annoy you. They want you for something! Go to them! Give them a cuddle until they fall asleep. What exactly are we teaching babies by leaving them to cry? That you don’t care? 

Little cutie!