Why Writing a Blog is like Having a Messy House.

For most people, writing a blog is basically a diary.  It is a way to project your thoughts and feelings or to capture moments that you don’t want to forget.  It is a very personal thing to do.  There are millions of bloggers that are private and make no attempt to share their blog.  There are some, like me, that share it in hope of helping some people or finding like minded people, there are some that blog for a living and write three times a day and have 10000 followers.  However you blog, we all have something in common… It is personal and it is an insight into our lives.  We write honestly and openly and write about our lives.  Not about other peoples lives.  

Occassionally somebody will get offended by something you’ve written and it is so silly to get offended by a blog, here is why… You are offended by the life of somebody you have (in most cases) never met.  You don’t know that person beyond the blog.  Quite simply and I apologise for this statement because it will sound rude but… Get over yourself.  The blogger is not writing about you. They are writing about their life and it makes no sense to be offended by somebodys mere existence.  In fact it is highly self absorbed to take offence from somebody you have just stumbled accross on the internet.  It is not about you.  

If you align yourself with the type of person they are discussing, for example, full time mothers, attention seeking breastfeeders, trolls, whatever… Then you have identified with that type of person.  That is your issue to deal with.  If you are content being a troll then why should you care about the opinion of a stranger? If you get defensive, it is because they have hit an insecurity of yours.  Again, that is your issue to deal with.  

I am not a houseproud person.  I am not a tramp but I have no objection to leaving a pile of washing in a corner instead of putting it away.  I’m not fussy about washing dirty pans straight away.  I’ll pile rubbish on the bin before eventually deciding to put a new bag in.  

All the mess aside, if I invite you into my house you should take it as a compliment.  I like you enough to welcome you into my perosnal space.  If you feel the need to leave and criticise me by telling people what a tramp I am or deciding that you’d rather not come back, then you are the one with the problem.  You are being rude and inconsiderate. You do not deserve any special treatment and I do not need to go over my house with a fine tooth comb before you arrive.  

Blogging is exactly the same.  If you read it, I am inviting you into my personal space.  Into my life.  I am writing about my birth, miscarriage, deep feelings.  If you feel the need to go off and critcise me, you have the problem not me.  I will not go over my writing with a fine tooth comb just in case I offend a stranger. 

(On a lighter note… Feel free to share our blogs explaining how offensive it is, we like our stats going up.) 


blog haters
At any given time, there is always a crapload of washing around my house…

…and a bag of crap to sort out.

  • Awesome article.

  • So true. I write, you read. If you don’t like what I write, stop reading. There’s no need for abuse x

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