Working Mommas

Momma Boss got it’s name because it was a nickname given to me by one of my staff!  I haven’t been unemployed for a day since I was 16 and went back to work when Ollie was 2 months old so I write a lot about working Mommas!  That doesn’t mean I’m criticising SAHMs it just means I write from the working moms point of view.  I’ve always thought being at home is really good for the baby but there are benefits to returning to work too.

I decided to start a feature about working moms, mainly to help new moms see the benefits of returning to work and alleviate the guilt that often goes with returning to work.  I’m going to interview a different working Momma each week (hopefully) and share their points of view.

I will be using the hashtag #workingmommas so please feel free to join the conversation on Twitter.


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Momma Boss:  Working Mom.

Some posts about my experience as a working mom.